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We are an international team consisting of creative minds and visionaries, who consider a true innovation a holistic approach. It is our goal to play an important part in creating environmentally friendly mobility while taking into account our environment and our social responsibility. 

From this idea, the RadoxX company was founded in 2020. Our focus lies on the design and manufacturing of high-quality components in series production for the bike industry. All of this is Made in Germany at the foot of the Chiemgau Alps. 

For us, it only makes sense that an environmentally friendly means of transport such as a bike does not consist of parts that have been shipped several thousand kilometres. Should you be of the same opinion or should you be in a transformation phase towards such an approach, we are the right partners for you. In saying this, cooperative and reliable partnerships with our clients are very important to us. 

Thanks to our interdisciplinary team of experts for the various steps of the development process and local manufacturing, our components are produced by one single source. Thereby, we are avoiding difficult product development processes, unnecessarily long supply chains and complex production networks. We can quickly react to market and demand changes and rapidly adapt the required product capacities. 

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Design, manufacturing, quality assurance and distribution

Our range of services reaches from the design and planning to series production of high-quality bike components. Thanks to our professional network, we are able to provide further services, such as manufacturing, mounting, packaging and shipping the finished products, also for the aftermarket according to your specifications.

Due to our semi and fully automated production process, we are able to manufacture 24/7 and therefore, react to changes in demand at short notice. We demonstrated this flexibility during our long-standing cooperation particularly with our clients from the automotive and aviation industries.

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We founded RadoxX in order to make one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable means of transport even more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Unfortunately, a bike whose components have been shipped for several thousand kilometres, has already left a large carbon food print on the earth, although its rider presumably wants to reduce exactly this. Furthermore, components are often manufactured under non-transparent production conditions and by using polluting processes and chemicals. 

With our innovative products and our local and energy-conscious method of manufacturing, we are fighting against climate change and actively participating in the preservation of our planet for future generations. In doing so, we live by our vision of sustainability.


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Frame component weldable from 7020
Deflector for fully MTB

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